CCTV Inspection/ Testing
   Cleaning / Hydro-Excavation
      Cementitous& Epoxy Coatings


Acme Utility Inspection Services, Inc. is a privately owned business operating in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro-Plex.  We specialize in manhole / structure coatings, television inspection / testing, cleaning and hydro-excavation.  We have been in business for 5 years and utilizing what are considered the best equipment in our field.  Currently we have 4 Vactor combo trucks and 3 TV trucks each with the capability of inspecting 2,500 LF from one access point.  We also provide our own fleet for traffic control.  In addition to great equipment, our employees receive plenty of training and are all cross trained to operate as a team.  Our customers are engineers, municipalities, contractors, and TX DOT. We pride ourselves on safety, competitive pricing, and customer service which is our top priority.  We believe in doing the job right and are known for our ability to get even the toughest jobs done.

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Standard Cement Strong Seal Citadel
Standard Cement Strong Citadel
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